Certified Nirvana Instructor in Slovenia as an International fitness breathing coach

Ofqual UK and EQF recognized professionalism, and VTCT was awarded. Holistic Wellness.

Certified Diet And Nutrition Consultant- As A Holistic Health Coach

Holistic health is an approach to life that considers multidimensional aspects of wellness, from physical to social and mental health. While whole-person or holistic health is the goal, health is often achieved by analyzing the areas that need attention and taking steps to address each area, from heart health to gut health.

Certified Nirvana Fitness Breathing Instructor – Mastering The Breathing Methodology

According to research, Over 80% of the world’s population is breathing wrong.

Science tells us that over 150 modern chronic diseases have one common root cause: insufficient body cell oxygenation. Besides, people who constantly face stress are linked to poor breathing patterns. Therefore, we should practice the right breathing technique to maintain good health.

Who is Master Eve?

Master Eve is an entrepreneur, holistic health consultant, fitness breathing coach and motivational speaker. She is the founder of EVEFITPRO and the master creator of 3-6-9 Universe Breathing techniques that help people relieve stress and enhance mental strength. Besides she is also a holistic diet and nutrition consultant who uses whole-food diet nutrition to help her clients reverse their body health.

She is passionate about helping people to have good health because she faced a health breakdown in the past, which affected her work, and she even thought of giving up her life. Fortunately, she found the power of holistic health and breathing methods as an alternative medicine to heal and transform her life. Therefore, she has a vision of cultivating health literacy for the individual, community and the nation, and elevating the wellbeing and quality of people’s lives.

 With about close to 10 years of training and teaching experience. Master Eve never stops learning and improving herself. Today, her students are mainly from Malaysia. The biggest achievement along her journey is that she can travel everywhere, witness every change, and inspire hundreds of people’s lives. Therefore, students like to connect with her because of her integrity and passion for elevating people’s quality of life by obtaining good health.

Master Eve with NTV8 Channel on health topic


In 2017, appointed by Malaysia education ministry as main coach for an annual physical and mental training workshop

Numbers Speak

 Master Eve has been invited as speaker for various event like live media interview, corporate training and public seminar. She even conducted many live sharing and teaching on stage with thousand of participants.

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Detoxification & Digestive Health Coaching Program 5 Days Detox + 3 Months Coaching


Detox, short for detoxification, refers to eliminating toxins from the body. It can be achieved through various methods, such as following a specific diet, consuming detoxifying beverages, practicing fasting, or using certain supplements. While detox has gained popularity in recent years, it is important to approach it with a critical and evidence-based mindset.

Our detox and digestive programs are a total holistic approach that targets rejuvenating the liver, kidney, lung, stomach and intestines so that they can function as their own detoxification and digestion systems.

Target Group:

Weak in body detox system, weight loss, underweight, sub-health disease, allergy, unhealthy eating lifestyle & seek a healthy gut and digestion.

Learning Outcome:

  • Elimination of toxins
  • Enhancing organ function
  • Boosting energy and vitality
  • Supporting weight loss and a healthy lifestyle
  • Promoting healthier habits and positive emotion
  • Improve metabolism and immune
  • Detox & digestive recipe (pre, on and post)
  • 60% practical, 40% learning 
  • Simple & Natural detox methods 
  • Course Outline:
    1. Five days’ detox plan (Same five days’ plan repetitive for three rounds):
      1. Two days’ pre-detox
      2. Two days’ detox
    • 1-day resume day
    1. 1 virtual meeting for prep detox + 1 detox and digestion online tutorial

3 Months of Diet Coaching

  • Program Includes:
    • Individual coaching or small group coaching 
    • Detox food ingredients and materials (One set of detox items and materials)
        • Hei Hwang organic drinks x 1 (based on the client’s condition)
        • Multi-nutri sprouts x 5 sachets (based on the client’s condition)
        • Sacha oil x 1
        • Papaya powder enzymes x 6 sachets
        • Ginger powder one tin
        • Soba /buckwheat noodles
        • Wakame seaweed
        • Miso paste
        • Chia seeds
        • BONUS
        • In-house formula digestive and absorption oil roller
    • Personal quantum body health scan before and after (2 sessions)
    • Customize meal plan
    • Detox day’s meal plan
    • Three months’ health transformation journey

Breathrough Camp 1.0

Breathrough Camp 2.0


Email: evefitpro.official@gmail.com

Facebook and Youtube Channel: Master Eve Yee

Website: www.mastereveyee.com

Weight gain and Weak Immune after Deliver 2 Baby

Evelyn Yap Sales Manager (Malaysia)

My Stories:

I am a mother with two kids. Last year, 2021, after giving birth to my second baby, I started to gain weight and have certain health issues. Coincidentally, I got to know Master Eve in a training program and joined her for a 12-week holistic health coaching program. For the first month of my membership, I felt happy because my constipation issues improved a lot. My weight dropped almost 10 kg during the period, and I now feel lighter and more energetic when working.

I like this program because it uses a natural and holistic approach to education. Being a working mother with two young kids is not easy, especially when one has no time for caring for one’s health. During this coaching period, I found I was improving not just my weight but also my emotions and stress.

I am grateful to have joined Master Eve’s class, as she coached me, and I felt relieved after the class.

Obesity, Tonsil, Liver Fat and Weak Immune

Lutfie and Suhada (Married Couple)

Our Stories:

Both husband and wife are struggling with overweight and obesity issues. Suhada was diagnosed with tonsil disease three months ago before joining the program and needed to do an operation. For Lutfie, he has high liver fat content and muscle numbness.

After joining the Master Eve holistic health transforming program using the whole food approach, they both have very good results. Suhada successfully dropped 9 kg, and the most happy news is that her tonsil disease has improved greatly. For Lutfie, he has successfully reduced 11kg in 3 months and is more energetic now.

They are happy to improve their health holistically and plan to have a baby.

Weight Gain, Skin Allergy, Ovarian Cyst and Low Immunity

Lucy Tsai Teacher (Taiwan)

My Stories:

Since young, I have been suffering from weight gain issues, and my family has cancer history records. Therefore, I am very concerned about my health when I grow up. I have tried numerous ways to improve my health, like taking pills, products, treatments and so on, but none of the methods give me long-lasting results.

When I met Master Eve, she shared this health transformation program with me, but I did not reply immediately. The reason is that I was tired of trying any program again. After a while, she followed up with me again, being patient to listen to my health challenges. Her intention was just to help me stay healthier. However, I decided to give myself a chance again and join her holistic health transformation program.

After one month, I also lost 9 pounds (4kg), and my health issues improved; I felt so happy. I am grateful to have met Master Eve, who never gave up on me and recommended that I join such an amazing program.

High Cholesterol, Overweight, Low Energy, Indigestion

Hong Shop Supervisor (Malaysia)

My Stories:

I am suffering from overweight with high cholesterol, high organ fat, slow metabolism, and low energy at work.

 I am grateful that I met Master Eve to share my 3-month health transformation detox program. I can’t imagine I can achieve my health goals quickly by following eating the right whole-food diet and natural detox plan.

This is the most amazing detox program I have discovered, and it is easy to follow, natural, and enjoyable.

Thank you, Master Eve.

Insomnia for 7 Years and Weak Immune

H’ng CL Family Business Owner (Malaysia)

My Stories:

I was suffering from mental health and severe insomnia for seven years, miscarriage issues and low body energy due to work stress.

One day, I met Master Eve, and she told me about this Fitness Breathing and Diet Nutrition program and how it could help me. After that, I decided to join her holistic health transformation program.

Two months later, I started to see changes in my sleeping pattern.

I am grateful to have a good, deep sleep every night. After two years, I had my pregnancy and delivered a baby girl smoothly.

Thank you to Master Eve for coaching me throughout the journey.

I love it.

What My Clients​​ Say about Me

I had never thought of breathing as something important and that it could affect my health. Master Eve is really amazing. She discovered universe breathology to guide me on how to get good health and reduce my weight in simple and convenient ways. Master Eve is awesome!
Marketing Manager
I loved Master Eve's sessions because I am a busy person. Her delivery was simple and easy to follow and showed results. I learned a lot of practical and lifelong health knowledge from her.
Accountant Manager
Eve was a person I met who was knowledgeable about wellness and passionate about helping people stay in good health. She was friendly and made me feel comfortable learning from and being coached by her. Thank you, Master Eve.
Marketing Manager
Master Eve Yee