Holistic Diet and Well-Being Program

What is holistic diet and well-being program?

A holistic whole-food diet is a nutritional approach that emphasizes consuming unprocessed or minimally processed foods in their most natural form. This diet focuses on food quality, source, and preparation, aiming to support overall health and well-being.

Our program focuses on using a holistic approach that aims to rejuvenate the whole body’s organ cells, especially the digestive system (2nd Brain), like the liver, kidney, lungs, stomach and intestines, to be able to function in its detoxification and digestion system.

Suitable For:

Indigestion, weight management, weak immunity, slow metabolism, hidden stress, low energy, sub-health disease, muscle ache, imbalance diet, malnutrition or seeking knowledge for healthy living lifestyle.

Program Outcome:

    • Balance daily nutrition intake

    • Rejuvenating body organ function

    • Improve digestive health

    • Sustained energy and vitality

    • Holistic weight management

    • Positive life

    • Promotes healthier lifestyle

    • Improve metabolism and immune

    • 60% practical, 40% coaching & learning

    • Happy and fun health transformation journey

Program Includes:

    • Received two types of meal plan

    • Daily diet meal plan (based on health scan reports)

    • Five days cleanse day meal plan

    • Private coaching & monitoring – 1 + 2 months 
Master Eve Yee