Discover the power of breathing for fitness and health. Revolutionize your approach with our cutting-edge master class. Boost performance and surpass your goals.

Take the first step towards a healthier, more empowered you! Enroll in our Breathing Fitness Online Course and discover the transformative power of conscious breathing. Access expert guidance, proven techniques, and personalized support to optimize your lung capacity, boost your energy levels and enhance your overall well-being. Don’t let another day go by without prioritizing your health and vitality—start your journey with us today!

Members Benefit :

  1. Personalized Coaching: Receive guidance from our expert coaches who specialize in breathing techniques and fitness optimization.
  2. Customized Breathing Exercises: Access a tailored program of breathing exercises and techniques designed to improve endurance, recovery, and overall performance.
  3. Comprehensive Training Materials: Gain access to a wealth of resources, including instructional video guides, to support your journey to breathing mastery.
  4. Accountability and Support: Join a community of like-minded individuals committed to achieving their fitness goals and receive ongoing support and encouragement throughout your journey.
  5. Proven Results: Experience measurable improvements in your fitness level, including increased endurance, reduced fatigue, and enhanced overall well-being.
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Yap clYap cl
16:12 28 Jun 24
" I love who I am today. After joining the Master Eve Holistic diet program and Fitness program transformed me a lot. I not only lost many Kg and I feel my confidence level increased after having good health. The most impressive thing was my energy circle change and surrounded with more positive vibes.Frankly speaking, the value I gained was worth above the money value."
kelson liewkelson liew
07:38 26 Jun 24
Master Eve Yee's approach Holistic diet and well-being program has completely transformed my eating habits and healthier living lifestyle. I feel much better now because I have been struggling with a weak immune and fatigue gastric issue last time.Her expert guidance helped me understand what my body needs. I feel more energetic, good stamina and better sleeping than ever before. Thank you, Master Eve Yee, for your invaluable support!
Cecilia TanCecilia Tan
03:54 26 Jun 24
"It was a life-changing experience for me after joining Master Eve Yee's Breathrough Retreat camp.Her breathing techniques and practical advice have helped me rejuvenate my body especially my breathing sequence.I feel stronger, calm and sleep better than ever before. " It was a good program and I am happy to be connected with Master Eve and enhance my health knowledge.
Swee Sam Vincent KohSwee Sam Vincent Koh
12:03 24 Jun 24
My name is Vincent and I have been participating in EveFitPro for 4 years. Including the 3-month weight loss course, during these 3 months of following the rules, I lost nearly 10kg, and my mood became relaxed and happy. And I do 9 rounds of 369 breathing method almost every night to help me fall asleep faster. I am so grateful that I was able to participate in their classes in a relaxed and stress-free manner. Especially the detoxification course is a very special process. Their detoxification course does not require dieting, but I also lost weight during it, which is very miraculous. I also hope you can be like me.

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