Detoxification & Digestive Health Coaching Program 5 Days Detox + 3 Months Coaching

Target Group:

Weak in body detox system, weight loss, underweight, sub-health disease, allergy, unhealthy eating lifestyle & seek a healthy gut and digestion.

Learning Outcome:

  • Elimination of toxins
  • Enhancing organ function
  • Boosting energy and vitality
  • Supporting weight loss and a healthy lifestyle
  • Promoting healthier habits and positive emotion
  • Improve metabolism and immune
  • Detox & digestive recipe (pre, on and post)
  • 60% practical, 40% learning 
  • Simple & Natural detox methods 
  • Course Outline:
    1. Five days’ detox plan (Same five days’ plan repetitive for three rounds):
      1. Two days’ pre-detox
      2. Two days’ detox
    • 1-day resume day
    1. 1 virtual meeting for prep detox + 1 detox and digestion online tutorial

3 Months of Diet Coaching

  • Program Includes:
    • Individual coaching or small group coaching 
    • Detox food ingredients and materials (One set of detox items and materials)
        • Hei Hwang organic drinks x 1 (based on the client’s condition)
        • Multi-nutri sprouts x 5 sachets (based on the client’s condition)
        • Sacha oil x 1
        • Papaya powder enzymes x 6 sachets
        • Ginger powder one tin
        • Soba /buckwheat noodles
        • Wakame seaweed
        • Miso paste
        • Chia seeds
        • BONUS
        • In-house formula digestive and absorption oil roller
    • Personal quantum body health scan before and after (2 sessions)
    • Customize meal plan
    • Detox day’s meal plan
    • Three months’ health transformation journey

Breathrough Camp 1.0

Breathrough Camp 2.0



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